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Talia and her yoga teaching practice are a breath of fresh air! Having never been to a one-on-one yoga session before, I was nervous. Talia immediately put me at ease. She has an exceptional ability to alter the feeling of a space and bring peace and gentleness into her teaching practice. I was amazed at how different I felt leaving her session after only one hour. Both my mind and body felt at ease, and I carried this feeling with me for many days after. I can't wait to go back for more. It was a beautiful experience!

- Nora Ritchie


Talia comes to our house monthly for private family yoga sessions. My whole family looks forward to visiting with her! She is always punctual, prepared and lovely to be with. She is kind to my children and very patient with them! She has introduced us to a variety of mindfulness activities that help us focus, relax and feel great.

- Rachael Kilian, mother to Rosie (age 7) and Maia (age 11)


Doing yoga with Talia is relaxing and puts me in a good place.

- Maia, age 11


Talia brings peaceful kindness, compassion and creativity into her yoga class for my three-year-old students at Open House. She manages the students very well and maintains their attention with well-planned activities. Her natural teaching style is refreshing, patient, joyful, and skilled. Each class incorporates breathing exercises, quiet listening games, and body awareness skills. Students learn the "sun dance" (sun salutation), jump on the parachute, and read stories incorporating yoga poses. Every class winds down with dim lights, soft music and bubble popping, a calming activity that the students look forward to. Talia masters the interesting and difficult task of bringing yoga to young children.

- Veronica Trevino, Garden Room teacher at Open House Nursery


I like Yoga because I like Talia. My favorite pose is downward dog, and I like upward dog too. I like doing the poses - they are easier to do now. I like that it is good exercise. One of my favorite parts of the class is that you get to do toe-ga - it is a kind of yoga that you get to do with your toes and you get to sort colored pom-poms!

- Kaz, age 6


Kaz has loved yoga since his very first class with Talia at age 4. He asks to be in her class and is always excited to go to yoga. He shows us the poses when he gets home and he is very proud of what he has learned. He enjoys the class consistently and we see his resulting strength, balance, and flexibility. Talia has a wonderful way with kids and a beautiful voice. She is able to teach kids the joy and calm of yoga and makes it so much fun!

- Miko M., mother to Kaz


Talia is amazing. She incorporates play into the yoga experience while still adhering to the yoga fundamentals. My girls have been in her class for two years and they now know tree pose, downward dog, cat and cow, and so much more. If only they had kid yoga when I was little - I'd be so much more flexible and centered!

- Erin, mother to twin 4 year-olds





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